Where to enter your Office product key

Nowadays, all the digital and official work of the people depends mostly on MS Office suite as it provides everyone with all the compulsory tools and programs for reading, writing and editing all the essential work files. Here the users can create a monthly work report and documents so that they can use for miscellaneous purposes. Office apps like Word, Skype, Outlook, OneNote, etc are extremely useful. If you wish to get Microsoft Office setup, then just sign up at office.com/setup.

Steps to Download and Install MS Office Setup on Windows

In case you wish to download and install MS Office setup on your Windows, then the steps are given for you. Go through the steps mentioned below to know the steps for downloading and installing MS Office setup.

  1. You have to purchase the MS Office Setup by going to the shop and can also purchase the MS Office Setup by visiting its website which is www.office.com/setup.
  2. The product code will be provided on the purchased envelope for the offline method, or you will get on the website of MS Office.
  3. Remember to note that product code at that time you are on the MS Office page.
  4. Log in to the MS Office account after opening the MS Office page.
  5. You have to write the product code provided on the MS Office email or end of the purchased envelope.
  6. After that, login to the account of MS Office and write the necessary details. You are not already a member of MS Office account, type the required information in the section and make a new account so that the downloading process will get completed on the PC.
  7. “Install” option will be displayed on the screen, press on it and start the MS Office installing process after downloading it.
  8. Hit the “Run” option for installing the MS Office Setup on the PC.
  9. It is compulsory to be on the MS Office page, once both the process of downloading and installing doesn’t get finished on the PC.
  10. Check that the download process of MS Office Setup whether finished after checking it tap the “All done” option to close the Window.

Steps to Download and Install MS Office Setup on Mac

If the users like to download and install the MS Office Setup in the Mac operating system, then they should go through the steps which are given below.

  1. The user needs to login to the MS Office account by visiting the link office.com/setup on their default browser on the Mac.
  2. Now, type the product code given at the end of the MS Office Setup cover or the MS Office site after logging to the MS Office account.
  3. Choose a language that the users like to make as a default language on Mac.
  4. Select the “Install” button.
  5. Click twice on the downloaded MS Office file located in the folder which is named as “Downloads.”
  6. Go to the MS Office home page and sign in to the MS Office account by writing the email address and password.

Steps to Activate MS Office Setup

When you had downloaded and installed the MS Office Setup by opening the site, the product code will be sent via a mail and you may begin the activation process now. Go through the product code and keep it with you to begin activating.

  1. Once you get a product code which is the 25-digit alphanumeric character. Try to get it from the end of the MS Office Setup cover in case you had brought through the shop.
  2. Write that product code and tap the “Next” button to move to the further steps.
  3. You will ask to log in to your account of MS Office.
  4. Fill the necessary information on the box if you are already not a member of the MS Office account.
  5. Now, just click on Activate.