Fortnite: A New Hint Dropped for Floor is Lava LTM

With the ongoing season 8 of Fortnite, players have a lot of new and exciting content to interact within the title. Epic Games has introduced various fresh items to the Fortnite game like the Baller vehicle, Flint-Knock weapon, a new in-game map and more.

Fortnite has been very creative with its content and has made fans very thrilled with its unique items and challenges every week.  But with the latest in-game news feed, a new teaser is revealed for the upcoming Floor is Lava limited time mode.

Recently Tim Sweeney, CEO at Epic Games announced that Fortnite has been very successful with the obliging support from fans and soon the title will cross the 250 million player mark.

 To maintain such humongous player count, developers at Epic Games are working very hard and coming up with unique ideas which are making the Fortnite title much more exciting.

Seemingly a new news feed inside the game has revealed that Fortnite fans will soon be able to play an exclusive Limited Time Mode in the free to play Fortnite title. Currently not much is known for this LTM. Still, a lot of speculations are floating around this latest tease.

Many community members are suggesting that this new LTM would include the new volcano location where players will have to stay on the higher ground to protect themselves from the erupting lava from the volcano.

Another possible theory which is circulating amongst Reddit posts is that the ever-shrinking storm would be removed from the title and the floating lava would replace it. As of now, it is not clear as to how would this new Lava LTM function. Still, players are quite excited to know about this fascinating new mode.

It is quite amusing to see such ongoing speculations regarding the upcoming Floor is Lava LTM. Gamers are making some initial guesses regarding the Lava concept that this is indeed a new concept and it would introduce a different experience from the regular gameplay.

This new Lava concept is an exclusive addition to the freshly introduced Volcano mountain. With the new season 8, a Pirate theme was launched for fans to enjoy a different environment and this Floor is Lava LTM is going to be an upgrade to this theme.

Moreover, the in-game news feed also suggested that some new emotes are also featuring soon, and few new additions would be coming to the Creative Islands. Let’s see how would this new update impact the gameplay for the players and what new content would be included to Fortnite.

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