Guide to Creating New User Accounts on Your Mac

When you plug into your new Mac, it comes with one account of an administrator. But you may need different accounts for family or friends with whom you may wish to share your device. But it always depends on your preference to use multiple accounts or not. However, the Administrator account has a unique authority to change the settings in the operating system which includes adding a new Account.

The administrator account has all the features of a normal account as to launch different applications and accessing various files and folders, but in addition to that administrator account you can also install apps, and you may be able to use some programs only an administrator account.

One administrator account is capable of performing all day to day tasks of the user, but if you decide to share your Mac its better recommended using different accounts for better security as well as performance measure for your Mac. Different Accounts will help you in personalizing the setting according to the type and preference of the users.

While the Mac always comes with a variety of user type options like Standard, Parental Controls or Sharing only. Such account types have their specific usefulness, which is as follows.

  • Administrative

An administrative account is the premium account, in which you can create new accounts or remove any user. Hear one can access all the files and uses all the data. You can also make a new administrator to some other users.

  • Standard

Standard account can always be created by admin. Such user type can install new apps and software’s, but one cannot change preexisting settings nor can create new accounts.

  • Parental control

Such accounts can be customized to use certain apps only and also can be monitored with limited time usage.

  • Sharing Only

This account limits the user with internally shared files only. One cannot access other files or log in to any other account.

Now let’s explore how to add a new account to our Mac.

  1. Select “Apply menu”, then Select “System Preference”, then select “Users and ”
  2. Select The lock icon to unlock it after that enter an administrator name and password.
  3. Select the “New Account” option from the menu, after selecting it to opt for the type of user as discussed above.
  4. After selecting the account type, to enter the name of the new user.
  5. Select the desired Password you like.
  6. Select Create User.

By following these simple steps, one can create as many desired type of accounts for better usage and optimal utilization of your Mac.

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