How to Connect your GoPro Camera to a Computer and Import Photos

Connecting a GoPro camera to a computer isn’t so tricky. There are a couple of ways you can use to access your captured photos and videos on your computer. The procedure is almost the same as connecting a USB flash drive to the system. Here is how to connect a GoPro camera to a computer and import photos.

How to connect a GoPro camera directly to a computer via USB cable

It is one of the easiest ways to connect your camera to a PC. You don’t have to make any physical changes in your GoPro. Just obtain a micro USB cable which comes with almost all GoPro models. You may have also got with yours if you’re unable to locate it or have lost it somewhere, then you can use some other micro USB cable you’ve in your home. Some camera models support the same cable that most Android phones use.

These steps will tell you how you can connect the camera to a system through a micro USB cable.

1.    At first, power off your camera, if it is turned on. Click the ‘Power’ button of your GoPro to turn it off. It should be turned off while connecting to the computer.

2.    Now, take the micro USB cable and plug it into your camera’s port.

3.    Then, look for the free USB port on your computer or laptop and plug in the other side of the cable into it.

4.    Hold your camera and press the ‘power’ button to turn it on. After turning on, it will enter into the USB mode. Mostly all systems show a popup on screen or notification in the taskbar when new hardware connects to them. You can also check it confirm that your GoPro is connected properly or not. If you do not see anything on your devices, then you’ll have to enable USB mode on your camera manually. Access the ‘Mode Selection’ menu by pressing the button for it or from the settings.

5.    Now, do the following according to the device you’re using to access the contents stored in your GoPro.

•    Although, Windows PC displays a dialog box on the screen to open the device directly. Unfortunately, if it won’t appear, open ‘Start Menu’ and select ‘This PC/My Computer.’ Under This PC/My Computer window, double click your GoPro device to access its content.

•    If you’re using a Mac computer: When a camera connects to a Mac, a small camera icon will display on the desktop. You can use ‘Finder’ or minimize all the open windows to locate it.

How to connect a GoPro camera to a computer via microSD card

This process of connecting a GoPro to a computer is a little different but works well. You’ll require a microSD card reader instead of a micro USB cable. And, in this method, you’ll have to eject the microsSD card from your camera.

1.    Take your GoPro camera and eject the microSD card from it.

2.    Now, insert the card into the microSD card reader.

3.    Next, connect the microSD card to your computer.

Now, you can follow the instructions given above to open and access the content stored in your GoPro camera. Locate the captured images or recorded video you want to view, edit, or import into the computer and copy them just like other files.

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