How to Fix Basic Kindle Fire Problems and Bugs

Amazon Kindle Fire has built an excellent reputation across the glove. Kindle Fire is a cross between a smartphone and a laptop. It uses the Android OS, which is mostly used in smartphones. But, the Kindle Fire has some significant problems and bugs. Today we going to fix some of those common problems that are faced by Kindle Fire owners. Every tech gadget has some built-in problems that can be solved by a simple guide.

 Bug: Kindle Fire freezes at logo while turning on

People have complained about Kindle Fire, which is freezing at logo while turning their device on and guess what, some people have solved this problem completely. Even if you restart your device, it will be stuck again at the logo, which is very irritating. Let’s fix it.

Easy solution:

  • Put your Kindle on charging for at least 15 minutes.
  • During charging press and hold power button and wait for your device to restart. If your tablet usually starts then congrats because everything is now okay. If it gets stuck again at the logo, then it might not be a good sign.
  • Plug your device to the PC and see if the PC can recognize it.
  • If that does not work, then it means that your device software(Stock-ROM) has been corrupted.
  • If possible, try to reach the recovery menu and then wipe data and also clear the cache.
  • To open recovery menu press and hold volume up and power button together for 1 minute.
  •  If the recovery menu opens successfully, you can have the solution to this problem.
  •  You can use volume up and down buttons to scroll up and down and power button to select an option.

Issue: App Fails to Open or Crashes Sometimes

Easy solution:

  • Go to “Settings” then tap “Apps and Games” then press “Manage All Applications” and navigate to the app which crashes sometimes. Then tap “Force Stop” and then click “Clear Cache.”  If possible, clear the data also.
  • If the problem still occurs, then uninstall the app and then restart your device. Now install the application again and see if that works.

 Problem: Battery Dying Rapidly [Faster Draining]

This problem is the most common issue that users are facing with their Kindle Fire. The battery is the heart of every electronic gadget. Let’s solve this issue before your battery dies again:

  • Restart your device to see if the problem has gone.
  • Maybe some apps are causing the device to lose energy faster.
  • To see which app is causing the battery to drain rapidly install “Greenify” App from PlayStore.
  • Open the app and press on the + button on top-right corner. Then select the apps that are running in the background by tapping and holding on an app.
  • Then select the + button to add all these apps to hibernation.
  • Now all the apps are that run in the background are available to hibernate.
  • Now press the sleeping sign button located at the bottom in the right side of the app.
  • Wait until it hibernates all apps.
  • You have made it, the apps that were running in background are now all closed. The battery can last longer than before.

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