Tips to Prevent Data Loss Problem in Flash Memory Cards

The cameras at present are exceptionally technically advanced and sophisticated. But, they are also known to be unpredictable — the slim SD cards that house your valuable pictures are even more delicate.

Snapping the cutest ever puppy picture or several amazing birthday party pictures is great, but these images can be destroyed if the flash memory card malfunctions. Do you want to keep your precious images and videos safe? Here are the ways to avoid data loss issues on flash memory cards:

  1. Have patience

Several camera persons often detach the SD card in a hurry instantly after they are done snapping photos. The process of pictures getting written to the flash memory card requires some time. If you take it out too quickly, then it may lead to file errors, and in worst cases, you may have to format the card entirely. Before taking out the memory card from the device, wait a bit. In case you lose your data, then the chances to recover it from the failed memory card are pretty high, considering that you use a good memory card.

  1. Monitor the battery power

If your Camera is running out of battery, then do not use it. In order to get the data written to the card, a specific amount of battery juice is required. If you are not carrying extra batteries and the camera’s battery is extremely low, then do not use it or it may lead to errors.

  1. Secure the card

Get a container for the memory card and place it there when not in use. Make sure you do not use the card in another device, or it may lead to corruption problems. Other devices may contain malware or virus, and if you insert the flash memory card in them, then your card may get infected.

  1. Carefully delete and format items

Make sure that you exercise caution while removing images from the memory card. Certain internal formatting tools use destructive methods. This can lead to overwriting of the image’s data, and the affected picture becomes unrecoverable.

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