What are the Methods of Turning Game Center Off

Game Center in iOS is for playing games and is considered as a social gaming service. It permits you to play games with all the peoples in the world. You can search people with whom you want to play, track your achievements and games scores, challenge your companions to beat your scores, on scoreboard post your scores that you have achieved while playing games on Game Center.

If you have used Game Center on your iOS before, you must have seen a sudden change in the current Game Center.

You can’t delete all the Game Center applications on iOS gadgets, as you can’t stop it from functioning, you can only not get notifications from it. You have to log out of Game Center then it will not access your Apple ID. You can disable notifications entirely.

The methods of disabling Game Center are: 

  1. Signing Out
  • Go to the Settings application on your gadget.

You can get this on your Home displays. This will be in the folder named as “Utilities.”

  • Go down and click “Game Center.”

It will unlock the Game center menu list.

  • Press your iOS ID.

The ID you have been used for the rest of your Apple gadget, you will see the same iOS Id.

  • Click “Log out”.

By doing so it will log out of Game Center, but it will not log out of other iOS ID services as like iTunes or the App Store.

  • Logging out of Game Center will permit you to turn off it when you press the cancel option four times. 
  1. Turning off notifications
  • Go to the “Notifications” menu in the Setting application.

Go back to the main Settings and choose the “Notifications” menu. You will get this towards the top of the menu list of options in the Setting application.


  • Choose “Game Center” (iPhone 9) or “Games” (iPhone 10) from the applications list.

It will open Game Center’s notification settings.

  • Switch “Allow Notifications” disable.

This will disable all notifications for the Game Center application.

  • Any Game Center Window that comes four times cancels it.

After completing all of this, the Game Center will occur when certain games are loaded. The reason is that the games are outlined according to work with Game Center; it will try to unlock it. After cancelling the window that comes four times in a column will entirely turn off those notifications.

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