Where to enter your Office product key

Microsoft Office is a commonly used the software in business and personal purposes. Microsoft Office programs will help you to create any documents, spreadsheets and presentations more easily. All the Microsoft Office apps are built to be used to maximize the productivity. Office apps are also available in online versions and on mobile phones. You will get these apps from both the online and offline sources as per your comfort. . If you would like to download the Microsoft products to make your documentation more systematic, then go to the link office.com/setup.

Downloading MS Office Setup

Here are the steps for downloading Office setup:

  1. Go to the default browser and visit www.office.com/setup.
  2. After that, launch the “MS Office” webpage and find the MS Office setup there.
  3. Then, press on the “Downloads” option, to get a full list of the MS Office products the users like to download on any system.
  4. You have to complete the payment for the subscription of MS Office product.
  5. You will get many options for payment and choose one of these options to finish the payment of the subscription.
  6. The users have to log in to the MS Office account which required an email ID and users password.
  7. You will receive a URL of verifying the created MS Office account after finishing the steps as mentioned above.
  8. Open the email which is certified with the MS Office account and then press on that URL to move forward to the downloading of MS Office setup.
  9. Hit the “Downloads” options mentioned on the Norton home webpage.
  10. The users have to select the folder where they like to store that downloaded MS Office file and then start the download process of MS Office setup.

Installing MS Office Setup

Find the steps to install the Office setup:

  1. The users have to click on the MS Office downloaded file situated on the start menu into the documents option.
  2. Double-click on the downloaded MS Office file by visiting documents option.
  3. The users have to press on the “Yes” option when the page is displayed on the desktop.
  4. It is time to type the 25-digit alphanumeric product code located in the certified MS Office email ID or the back of the MS Office setup disk.
  5. After finding the product key wherever it is the users need to type the product key on the provided column.
  6. When the next webpage opens, the user will get the webpage of policies of installing MS Office setup and after accepting it, hit on the “Next” option.
  7. Check the guidelines provided on the MS Office installation webpage and just wait until the installing process does not get finished.
  8. Once the user checked the installation process is fully finished on their system, then the users need to go for the activation part.

Activating MS Office Setup

Here is how you can activate your MS Office setup:

  1. First, hit on the “Start” option.
  2. Open the “MS Office.”
  3. Press on the MS Office product the user had downloaded from the official website.
  4. Hit on the “Activate Now” option and after that, selecting the “I want to activate the software over the internet” button to activate the MS Office product.
  5. Once the users finished the steps as mentioned above, move to the activation webpage provided on the MS Office home page.
  6. Type the MS Office product code mentioned on the MS Office site or in the retail card.
  7. Click the “Activate Now” option.
  8. Now, the MS Office setup is activated on the device, and the user can use the MS Office product.